Birth Certificate Accuracy Initiative 

The ALPQC Birth Certificate Accuracy Initiative (BCAI) project began in the fall of 2018. The purpose of the project is to improve the accuracy of birth registry data collected in our state for surveillance and future quality improvement work. Our aim is to ensure that, by project end, 11 key variable on the birth certificate are reported accurately in 95% of birth records.

Action requires quality data. Accurate birth certificate data are critical ingredients needed to:

  • monitor population health, particularly that of women and children
  • solve public health problems at the state level
  • make wise decisions about where to spend limited dollars
  • inform future ALPQC quality improvement efforts

Key Documents

Data Resources


      The Birth Certificate Accuracy Initiative (BCAI) involves the following:

      Hospital Leadership

      Data Reporting

      Training & Continuous QI

      Hospital Feedback

      Webinar Slides

      Webinar Slides